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Magento Website Developer
(Budapest, 6. kerület)
We are currently seeking a full-time, on-site Magento Community developer to take over most of the work currently undertaken by our development service company, and help us create a world-class luxury ecommerce website to be proud of.
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NévOmorovicza Kozmetikai Kft
RégióBudapest vagy környéke
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Általános információk
Kontakt információk (ha eltér az általános kontakttól) 
Please send your CV, examples of your work, salary requirement and your motivation letter to: dev-recruit@omorovicza.com
Általános elvárások 
-Working alongside the web team in-house and with external developers when additional support is required and during site updates
-Being proactive and identifying opportunities for improvement and helping us improve every aspect of the website
-Solutions-oriented thinking; always looking for the smart solution to a problem rather than jumping at the first answer
-A preoccupation with staying on top of industry trends and technologies
-Experience in multi-store, multi-lingual and multi-currency ecommerce stores
-Strong team player with good communication skills
-Interested in and passionate about employing best practices in software development
-Ideally with a computer science-related degree or equivalent experience
-Magento Plus certification would be a huge plus
Kiegészítő információk 
-Applicants are expected to provide examples of work in their application and may be asked to complete a coding challenge.
-Competitive salary. Please indicate in your application the net monthly salary that you would require.
Elvárt kompetencia ismeretek
Ágazati ismeretek - Egyéb ágazatAs the sole developer in-house, a diverse skill set is needed to enable updates ranging from minor HTML through to editing/creating extensions, updating Magento and leading the development of a responsive website.
Pályázott szerepkör - Php/MySQL fejlesztő-Highly proficient in English; the working language in the Budapest office
-Creating custom pages, implementing new designs, adding new sites to our online platform, extension development work, integrating iFrames, resolving customer experience problems,
Tapasztalat - Php/MySQL fejlesztőMinimum 3 years PHP web development and real-world e-commerce experience with Magento development in the last 2 years
-Competent with MySQL-based database concepts, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript & JQuery
-Familiar with version control concepts and systems
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CMS - Egyéb CMSMagento Plus certification would be a huge plus

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