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3D Artist, Location: Budapest
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Gameloft is a leading international publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones and consoles. Established in 1999, it has emerged as one of the top innovators in its field. The company creates games for mobile handsets equipped with Java, Brew or Symbian technology. The total number of games-enabled handsets is anticipated to exceed four billion units by 2012. Gameloft games are also available to players on WiiWare and DS, Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade, Apple’s iPod, iTouch and iPhones, and PCs.

Job location: Budapest

The ideal candidate is able to create the whole artistic part of a game level, models terrain geometry, level objects and props at the top quality required by the next-gen consoles market (Apple iPhone,Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360).

He/she creates textures, sets up lighting, optimizes the geometry of the level, uses in-house tools to export and check the level in-game.

- Extensive knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Maya or XSI (basic knowledge of 3D Studio Max is a must)
- Highly proficient in modelling 3D environments and objects or characters, using both hi-poly and low-poly techniques
- Good knowledge about lightning techniques (vertex colour and lightmap are a must)
- Able to animate basic objects in a 3D environment (trees, moving objects etc.)
- Able to work respecting strict technical and artistical limitations and instructions
- Good artistic sensibilities
- The ability to produce textures of high artistic quality is an important plus
- General knowledge about 3D rendering engines and adjacent technologies (shaders etc.) is an important plus
- Experience in creating games and knowledge about the gaming art and history are very appreciated

The opportunity to work and learn in a professional environment, with people who have a passion for making great games. We offer a supportive working climate, a young and dynamic team with a free communication style and also the possibility to make outstanding performances fair rewarded.
Motivating salary and a merit pay system.

Apply by sending your CV and portofolio to jobs.hungary@gameloft.com
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