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Javascript / Jquery Quality Assurance specialist
(Budapest, HU ( Tallinn, EST, Austin, TX, Gdansk, PL ))
Your role is to first of all to make sure that frontend JavaScript code from our developers work perfectly on every device and browser, as well as match the graphical design.
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NévConversionXL, Markitekt OÜ
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CXL.agency is looking for a Software Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist

CXL.agency is one of the most sought-after conversion optimization agencies in the world. We run the world’s most popular conversion blog ConversionXL, and have some of the brightest conversion people in the world in our team.

We’re looking for a JavaScript-savvy software quality assurance specialist to join our team.


Our offices are in Budapest (Hungary), Tallinn (Estonia), and Austin TX (US). The agency’s clients are mostly in the United States (~90%), followed by UK, Australia, India etc. We’ve worked with a number of great companies – Marriott Hotels, Kaspersky Antivirus, Iron Mountain, SmartBear, National Allergy, Bookfresh and lots of others.

We’re already among the top agencies in the world, but we keep working become the top 0.1% in the world. The very best. And we’re looking for the very best people to help us do that. If you feel ambitious like us, you’ll fit right in.


Our team comprises of people who give 100%

If you’re one of those people that always gives 100% of yourself, and aim for 110%, we’re waiting for you. We value proactivity, passion and strive for excellence above all.

The work location is at our office in Budapest, Hungary. In long term perspective it can be wherever on the planet. We currently have people in the Hungary, Estonia, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden.

Advantages of working for us:

Learn from people who know their shit. We already have some real badasses in CXL.agency.
Work on exciting stuff. The world is your playground. Our goal is to become #1 – and you can do whatever it takes to achieve that.
Personal development. We support your growth with mentorship, necessary books, courses and so on. You get to work with people that push you to become better.
Freedom. No one will micromanage you. We don’t have fixed hours, we have deadlines. Every week we set goals and report what we did. You have the freedom to take on and lead new projects within the company as long as they support our overall goals.
Be part of something big. Who thinks small, remains small. We’re starting a revolution here. And you get to be a revolutionary with us.
Competitive salary. See the bottom of the page for specifics.

Your role and responsibilities in our company can grow with you. Daniel Pink wrote this in his seminal book “Drive”: People are most motivated by having autonomy, mastery and purpose. We make sure you get a ton of all three.


Your role is to first of all to make sure that frontend JavaScript code from our developers work perfectly on every device and browser, as well as match the graphical design.

Besides being adept at JavaScript, up to date know-how of HTML5 and CSS3 must be a given. You should also know relevant things for backwards compatibility issues and legacy devices.

The job is always super interesting, rewarding, and you will get to know a lot of websites and businesses inside out. It’s a great window to how the world of business works.

The code and user experience you are checking get seen and used by potentially millions and millions of visitors. This job is completely different from working on that one same boring system for years that many professional people are stuck with.

We’re looking to get you adding value as soon as possible. This is not a position for learning basics.

Desired background and skillset:

Minimum of 1 year of experience with web development processes and technologies
Good understanding of modern web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3
Know JavaScript and jQuery, any deep JS knowledge is a plus
Be aware of different web browsers and their limitations, including those running on mobile devices
Fluent in English

You get extra brownie points if you’re skilled at any of these (but not required):

Google Analytics and/or other digital analytics products
Backend development or architecture experience
If you are lacking some of these skills, but can demonstrably learn fast, get in touch and we’ll see if you have what it takes.


Showing initiative comes naturally to you. You don’t need to be constantly pushed and managed.

You’re always trying to find the best solution. Solving problems excites you.

You have a positive “can do” attitude.

You don’t want just a “job”, you want to build something great.

You want to be part of something bigger, leave your mark on the world.


We run a small and tight crew here. Everybody knows and cares for each other, this is not a big anonymous code farm.

No bureaucracy. You have a good implementation idea? Go for it. No micro-management, but help is always available.

Working with our analyst team, you get to see the business optimization process up close. Clients are from a wide variety of industries, and that’s why the work we do is always interesting and challenging – no idling and twiddling thumbs. You also have the opportunity to know the business results of every experiment you are working on.

We host two cream of the crop digital marketing conferences a year: Digital Elite Camp in Estonia, and CXL Live in Texas. Everybody working with us gets access to this top of the line know-how provided by the best in the world.


Starting offer for this position is 1500 EUR/mo net. Future compensation plan will be negotiated on the basis of individual skill set and 4-month trial period results.

Incorporated freelancers are also welcome. You should plan for a long term client relationship. Please keep in mind, we are not interested in dealing with overbooking problems during the course of our relationship with you.
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