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Customer Operations Engineer
(Budapest, 5th district)
Cloudera is looking for a Customer Operations Engineer who has a passion for making customers successful. You will join a team of highly skilled engineers who are responsible for delivering Cloudera's support services.
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NévCloudera Hungary
RégióBudapest vagy környéke
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Honlap címehttp://www.cloudera.com
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Cloudera is looking for Customer Operations Engineers who have a passion for making customers successful. You will join a team of highly skilled engineers who are responsible for delivering Cloudera's support services including assistance during engineering and operations of distributed systems and mission critical response for production customers. Strong communications and troubleshooting skills are critical for success in this role.

At Cloudera, our goal is to make each individual feel valued for his or her contributions to the company’s mission. We are looking for smart people who want to do remarkable things. We strive to create an environment of casual intensity where people enjoy coming to work every day. Our senior management team meets regularly with the whole company to discuss strategy, successes and challenges.

  • Ensure that critical customer issues are addressed quickly and effectively
  • Triage, diagnose and potentially escalate customer inquiries during their engineering and operations efforts
  • Investigate product related issues both for individual customers and for common trends that may arise
  • Study and understand critical system components and large cluster operations
  • Differentiate between issues that arise in operations, user code, third party libraries or product
  • Manage the day to day interactions with our customers
  • Identify requirements for additional focused services engagements
  • Coordinate enhancement and feature requests with product management and Cloudera engineering
  • Facilitate upgrades, patches and maintenance to customer systems
  • Participate in occasional weekend on-call roster for critical support needs
  • 4+ years of Unix environment experience (Red Hat Linux) including shell scripting
  • 2+ years software development experience in C++ or Java and Python
  • Network monitoring and application instrumentation experience
  • System performance debugging and kernel forensics experience
  • Strong troubleshooting and performance tuning skills (TCP/IP, DNS, File system, Load balancing, etc)
  • Knowledge of file system, kernel and database internals – latency, throughput, reliability, availability, consistency, security, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of RDBMS concepts and SQL
  • Provisioning and operating a large-scale compute/storage systems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • 1+ years deployment experience with a highly-scalable, distributed, multi-node environment (10+ nodes)
  • Familiarity with the issues surrounding cross data center replication
  • Understanding of Grid computing, Map-Reduce, advanced server clustering and distributed programming
  • Systems monitoring and management for grid computing
  • Familiarity with virtual machine technologies
  • Working knowledge of distributed file systems (development knowledge is a strong plus)
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Pályázott szerepkör - Rendszermérnök (Unix/Linux)4+ years of Unix (Red Hat Linux) including shell scripting; 2+ years software development in C++ or Java and Python; network monitoring, application instrumentation, troubleshooting and performance tuning; Fluent English
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Tapasztalat - Support-os nincs megadva 
Nyelvtudás - Angol nincs megadva 
Adminisztráció - Linux rendszeradminisztráció nincs megadva 

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